TorBox v.0.5.2 beta – contribute to our development

With TorBox v.0.5.2 some new features and improvements will be added. This makes testing the Beta version of the upcoming TorBox version very challenging. We urgently need more tester. Also important is feedback on which features you as an user are most interested, so that we don’t invest our time for something nobody is interested in.

How to install TorBox v.0.5.2 Beta (based on the latest stable release)

We are assuming that TorBox v.0.5.1 is already running on your device. Update to TorBox v.0.5.2 Beta by using entry 5 in the Update and Maintenance submenu. Choose EXPERT, answer the question Which TorBox menu branch do you like to install? with torbox-v0.5.2, but don’t change the fork (radio24).

After the replacement of the older TorBox menu, press so many times ESC, until you on the command prompt. Please, open the run file with the following command: nano run/ Please add the following lines:

# TCS starting commands
# Syntax: TCS-<service_name>=<tcs command>
# This will configure the TCS program (do not remove or change that line - this is an anchor)

It doesn’t really matter, where you put this three lines, but it makes sense to insert it under similar three lines which are starting with # TFS starting commands.

We also recommend to replace the old torrc with the new one, if you didn’t change the configuration and/or want to preserve it:
sudo cp /home/torbox/etc/tor/torrc /etc/tor

Save the change with CTRL-O and exit nano with CTRL-X. Restart the TorBox menu with ./menu.

How to install TorBox v.0.5.2 Beta (using the installation script)

Follow the points 1-4 in our installation guide here or here. Then download and run the installation script with the following options:

chmod a+x; 
./ --select-branch torbox-v0.5.2

Optionally, you can also add --step_by_step.


We didn’t change the version number, yet. After the update to / installation of v.0.5.2 TorBox menu will still show you v.0.5.1.

Please, give feedback

Please help us to make TorBox better. We would appreciate feedback, ideas, bug reports, pull requests etc.

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