More feedback is needed to improve TorBox!

We just released an updated version of TorBox v.0.5.2. Constantly, we are working in the background to improve TorBox further. However, we need more feedback from you, the users.

Giving a small incentive, we will give the people with the three most valuable feedback a ProtonMail $100 Gift Card each. To participate, you must add your feedback as an issue or a discussion on our GitHub page or send it via emailWe judge feedback as valuable if it leads to a concrete improvement.

5 thoughts on “More feedback is needed to improve TorBox!”

  1. Hello, I think there is an issue with the current release of Torbox. I think it does not to work with a Raspberry Pi 3. The issue started somewhere around v.0.5. It seems like you do not get an IP address when connecting to the Torbox Wi-Fi. I have tried installing the image multiple times and checked the SHA too. I finally went back to an older image (v.0.4.x) and it did work again. I tried again with the new v.0.5.2 but the issue remains. I can not use it with a Pi 3. Also it seems like you removed the older images as well because I can not download v.0.4.x anymore…

    Can someone with a Pi 3 please check if it runs without issues? Thanks!

    1. Here I’m running TorBox 052 on a PI 3 B + Rev.1.3 without any issues. TorBox was installed from the image. I also was experimenting with manual install – again no glitches. Specifically IP lease and Torbox AP are working as expected. Are you sure that your onboard WiFi is ok?

      1. Thanks for your reply. I am using a Rev.1.2 and Wi-Fi should be alright, because an older version of TorBox works just fine. Right now I have no idea what could be the issue.

        1. Here are my thoughts:

          • Do you have a stable power supply that provides enough power? See also here.
          • Do you have up-to-date firmware? See here.
          • Did you change the wifi country? I would try the local wifi country. If this doesn’t work, I would try US. See at the top of this manual to have more information about setting up a wifi country.
          • Could there be interferences with the used channel? You can change it manually in /etc/hostapd.conf followed with sudo systemctl restart hosapd.
          • Do you see the brcmfmac kernelmodul with using lsmod | grep brcmfmac? If not, then something is wrong with the hardware.
          • Also, with rfkill list nothing should be blocked.

          I added TorBox v.0.4.2 again as a fail-safe (see here). However, I don’t recommend using it, because it is almost two years old. At least try to update as much as possible. Another possibility would be to try the install scripts with Debian or Ubuntu instead of Raspberry Pi OS or to build your TorBox from scratch, as explained in our manual.

          1. I am using the official power supply without any issues. I got TorBox running again with v.0.4.2 because
            v.0.5.2 is just not working with me. The Wi-Fi connection is volatile even through the initial setup and just disconnects itself randomly. At this point I also can not rule out a faulty hardware on my side. But v.0.4.2 is running and that is good enough in my book for now. Thank you all for your responses and keep up the awesome work!

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