Update your TorBox

We have good and bad news…

Bad News
The next TorBox release (v.0.5.0) will not be published before the end of the year. We will not update the image file befor, because we need the time to properly implement Onion Service support and to intensively test the new version.

Good News
We updated our installation script so that it works with the latest Raspberry Pi OS version, which is based on Debian 11 (Bullseye). We also updated some installation paths to the unofficial Tor Repository, a new Go version, to update additional network drivers. We also added some new options to the installation script:

Syntax : run_install.sh [-h|--help] [--select-tor] [--select-branch branch_name] [--step_by_step]
Options: -h, --help     : Shows this help screen ;-)
         --select-tor   : Let select a specific tor version (default: newest stable version)
         --select-fork fork_owner_name
			            : Let select a specific fork from a GitHub user (fork_owner_name)
         --select-branch branch_name
                        : Let select a specific TorBox branch (default: master)
         --step_by_step : Executes the installation step by step

With the --select-branch v.0.5.0 option, adventurous fellas have the option to install TorBox v.0.5.0 ALPHA (the menus are still labelled as v.0.4.2). For more information on v.0.5.0, see our discussion page on Github.

By the way, if you want to help with the project, please look for our Job Postings