TorBox Cellular

TorBox doesn’t support only internet access and client connections via WiFi (an additional USB WiFi adapter is necessary) or cable, it also supports internet access via a cellular network. Below, we show you how you can upgrade your Raspberry Pi.

Used Items

Support software installation and configuration

  1. Go to the configuration sub-menu, scroll to the bottom and choose the menu entry 16 to start the installation and configuration of the support software.
  2. Choose the correct Sixfab Shiel/Hat.
    According to our recommendation above, it should be the “3G / 4G Base Hat“.
  3. What is your carrier APN?
    You find the APN settings of most carriers here .
  4. Does your carrier need a username and password?
    Again, you find this information on most carriers here. “Blank” and “empty” could mean “No” — if you are not able to establish a connection, and the rest is without errors, the switch from “Yes” to “No” or visa versa.

    The questions below are not asked starting with TorBox v.0.4.0:
  5. What is your device communication port?
    If you use the Sixfab Shield with the USB connector (as in our image above), you should choose ttyUSB3.
  6. Do you want to activate the auto-connect / reconnect service at RPi boot up?
    Depending on your use case, “Yes” or “No”.

How can I securely route my data stream through the cellular connection?
After assembling all the hardware, installing and configuring the support software correctly, choose entry 8 in the main menu to route all your encrypted data through the cellular connection.

By the way…
If it doesn’t work, shows you strange error messages, or TorBox even complains that you don’t have any ppp0 device, check if you connected your antenna correctly. ?