Update your TorBox

Since October 2023, Raspberry Pi OS has been based on Debian 12 “Bookworm”. The only negative impact for TorBox was located in the installation script. The management of Python modules with pip3 was blocked. We fixed that issue and updated the TorBox image with the new Raspberry Pi OS. The new image works with Linux Kernel 6.1.21 and Tor version with obfs4proxy version 0.0.14 and Snowflake 2.8.0.

Here are the links to the new updated TorBox v.0.5.3 (17.12.2023):
TorBox Image (about 1.25 GB): v.0.5.3 (17.12.2023) – SHA-256 values
TorBox Menu onlyv.0.5.3 (17.12.2023) – SHA-256 values

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to test the image with the new Raspberry Pi 5, yet.

• • •

Known problems and bugs

BUG: TFS and TCS on Onion Services doesn’t show any images and don’t work correctly due to wrong permissions. You can fix the bug with the following commands:
sudo sed -i "s/^user .*/user torbox/" /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
sudo systemctl restart nginx

The image file is not fixed yet — PENDING!