TorBox To Go 3.0

Due to the Raspberry Pi’s size and the necessary accessories, TorBox is very easy to use on the road.

This is the third revised version of our recommendation, how a TorBox compilation could look like while traveling. We are continually testing new components and letting our experience from using the TorBox on journeys flow into our suggestions. The goal is that all components can be accommodated in a waterproof, compact plastic box (15 cm x 15 cm) and thus not disturb on the move. When changing from the first to the second version, the then-new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B was taken into account, and therefore the power supply was given more attention. With the third version, we replaced the PiJuice HAT with a better alternative.

Below, we show you the latest recommended minimal accessories for portable use. Below the images, you find further information about the items used with the corresponding links.

Although the Raspberry Pi takes up little space, the official power adapter is not very compact and wastes valuable space. So far, the SlimQ 65W USB-A/C power adapter is one of the smallest alternatives we could find. Unfortunately, so far, power banks are either small and support only USB-A, which directly connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ or a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B often leads to problems or too big to fit in our small box. There is also another problem with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B: because of a flaw in how the USB-C power input is behaving, the Raspberry Pi 4 B board revision 1.1 does not work with most third-party power adapter and power banks (see also “The Raspberry Pi 4 and the trouble with its USB-C connector“). To solve these power supply problems, we use a Sixfab Power Management & UPS HAT, which provides reliable power supply via Micro-USB-A and USB-C (unfortunately, Sixfab is not producing the Power Management & UPS HAT anymore — we are looking out for a new solution). The Li-Ion battery NCR18650GA (not included with the Sixfab HAT) with almost 3500mAh has about twice the power than Motorola’s BP7X standard battery for the PiJuice HAT.

Used Items