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Six months have passed since the initial release of TorBox v.0.5.0. Version 0.5.1 will probably be released at the end of this year. Nevertheless, it was time to fix some bugs in version v.0.5.0 (especially concerning using OBFS4 bridges). If you re-install TorBox (using the image file or one of the installation scripts), in the case of Raspberry Pi OS, you will find the 64bit version with the Linux kernel 5.15.32 and Tor version

Also new in the update: The MAC addresses of the network interfaces are now randomized. At the same time, a new way of overcoming captive portals is introduced, which is based on manipulating the MAC address of the Raspi network interface that is connected to the Internet (we have already reported on this in the blog here; however, details about the implementation and use can be found here).

TorBox provides two approaches to passing through a captive portal: SPOOFING or TUNNELLING. The new and preferred method is SPOOFING.

Here are the links to the new updated TorBox v.0.5.0 version (Update 001):

TorBox Image (~1 GB) : v.0.5.0 (03.07.2022) – SHA-256 values
TorBox Menu only: v.0.5.0 (03.07.2022) – SHA-256 values

How to update an old TorBox v.0.5.0 (02.01.2022) installation?

You can perform the following tasks to update an older TorBox v.0.5.0 (02.01.2022) installation. This shouldn’t alter your custom-made configurations – however, I don’t promise anything (if needed, make a backup!).

  1. Please, make sure that TorBox has Internet connectivity.
  2. First, update the TorBox menu in the Update and Maintenance sub-menu (entry 5) to immediately benefit from the bug fixes.
  3. Update the base system, the additional network drivers and the Tor version: Go to the Update and Maintenance sub-menu and use entries 1, 2 and 4.
  4. Press ESC until you have left the Torbox menu and find yourself back at the command line. Here use the following commands:
    sudo apt-get -y install macchanger
    cd; cd torbox; sudo cp etc/rc.local /etc
  5. Reboot TorBox.
We need your feedback!!

We hope this version pleases you. However, we are dependent on feedback. It is not just about fixing bugs and improving usability but also about supporting additional interfaces and hardware in future releases:

  • What do you like?
  • What should be improved (why and how)?
  • What would you like to see next? Which features do you request?

With the TorBox GitHub repository, it is straightforward for everyone to report issues or change the code and propose it in a pull request. Because we continue to travel around, it sometimes needs more time to address the problems and proposals.

For future versions, it is essential that we know what you need and want to see from the Onion Services implementation. Please feel free to use the discussion forum to tell us your needs.

Known problems and bugs
  • BUG: The latest official version (4.0.x) of the Python module Django will break the upload functionality. The bug can be fixed with the following command:
    sudo pip3 install Django==3.2.14
    The installation scripts are already fixed. However, the image file is not fixed yet — PENDING! 
  • BUG: The SPOOFING method to pass through captive portal is broken due to a bug. Also the example in the dialog suggests that the elements of the MAC address is seprated by a “-” instead of an “:”, which leads to an error message. You can fix the bug by updating the TorBox menu (update and maintenance sub-menu entry 5). However, the image file is not fixed yet — PENDING! 
  • BUG: Using bridges, following error is appearing: line 118+119: online_check: command not found" (no connection to bridge database). This is because of a change of the path of the torbox library (torbox.lib), which uses a ~ . This wasn’t a good idea – we changed to the absolute path. You can fix the bug by updating the TorBox menu (update and maintenance sub-menu entry 5). However, the image file is not fixed yet — PENDING! 

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