Preview release of TorBox pre-v.0.23

Between Christmas and New Year, there will be intensive work on an updated version of TorBox (v.0.23), which should be released during January. To be honest: no, unfortunately, v.0.23 won’t offer menu navigation via web browser – I stick with the text-based menu via SSH.

Because I’ve fixed some major bugs in TorBox v.0.22 in the meantime (especially in handling captive portals), and updated Tor to version, I’ve decided to publish a preview release of TorBox pre-v.0.23:
TorBox Image        : pre-v.023 (02.12.2018)
TorBox Menu only: pre-v.023 (02.12.2018)

I’m still looking for supporters to help to improve the functionality and security of the system. If you are interested or do have any feedbacks than contact me.

Change Log v.0.22 —> pre-v.0.23 (02.12.2018)

  • Update: the System is based on Raspian light with Linux Kernel 4.14.52 and Tor version (it fits on a 4 Gb SD Card)
  • Update: „arm“ is replaced by „nix“ (“nix” runs more stable than “arm”)
  • Added: The possibility to update the base system in the advanced menu (at the moment only with essential functionality – more follows later).
  • Added: README (now in plain text)
  • Major fix: set_captive and set_interfaces —> the WLAN-WLAN function is now more reliable and the handling with captive portals better (more major changes follows with v.0.23)
  • Minor fix: Typo in menu-a (entry 9)
  • Minor fix: Text edited in text/wicd-text
  • Tested: with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and 3 Model B+ (max achieved throughput: 2.3 Mb/s)


Welcome to the TorBox project!

TorBox is an easy to use anonymizing router based on Raspberry Pi. It creates a wireless network, which routes the network data encrypted through the Tor network. The goal of the project is to provide an easy to use opportunity to overcome censorship, to help encrypting and enabling anonymous data traffic, independently from the client, the service and the program be used.

TorBox is in a pre-Alpha stage, a proof of concept — not more and not less! Don’t use TorBox, if your well-being depends from your anonymity. You can’t get anonymity solely by technical means — anonymity is dependent on your social behaviour.

There is still a long way to go, to improve security and usability. We are waiting für your feedbacks and inputs. We are searching people who want to help — if you are interested, please contact me.